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Sudipta Ota: Director and Photographrt

 Sudipta Ota, born and raised in Kolkata, India. She specialized in Direction from NICC (National Institute of Creative Communication). She is a story teller at heart and loves sharing her stories with the world. Music inspires her to write. She is also an avid gamer and photography enthusiast.  

Showreel 2017

A collection of shots from my recent and old work. The Shots are taken from the following Videos:  Frayed,Mirage,Marionette The Documentary and Alter The Movie 

Documentary: Marionette

Short Film: Alter

Short Film: Revelations

Frayed:Domestic Violence Video

TVC: Cadbury Advertisement

A boy is sitting with a bar of chocolate. He is breaking each piece, eating and trying to find out whether the girl whom he loves, loves him back or not. But each bar ends up with "She loves me not". Then suddenly the girl comes from behind and feeds him half a piece of chocolate and tells him that she loves him. Then she eats the rest of the piece. The boy looks at her in surprise and then smiles at her. Then she playfully not willing to give the rest of the chocolate moves away from the boy.

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